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L. Robson & Sons Ltd. Est. 1906.

Box of kippers

WELCOME to the commercial web site of L. Robson & Sons Ltd, world famous traditional fish smokers, and producers of the legendary 'Craster Kipper'. Here you can purchase a range of specially selected, finest quality seafood, and also find out why this unique family business has been producing some of the world's finest smoked salmon and kippers for almost 100 years.

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ORDER OUR PRODUCTS in the Online Shop and have them delivered to your door, wherever you are. L. Robson & Sons have been delivering their produce by mail order to all parts of the UK for many years. Now you can order over the Internet. What could be more convenient?

VISIT CRASTER - if not in person, take a quick tour around this unique picturesque coastal village in our Visit Craster page. This tiny harbour is the place where the finest herring and cod have been landed for well over a century by the Robsons, and it's still a great place to spend a day.

THE PERFECT GIFT - a side of smoked salmon delivered directly to your cherished friend, relation or business client! Let us take on the difficult task of arranging your personal or corporate gifts this Christmas. Order now, or contact us for more details.


Buy the finest smoked fish and have it delivered to you.

Mouthwatering recipes from top chef John Blackmore

Behind the scenes at the Craster smokehouse. Meet the Robsons.

Find out why Our smoked fish is among the best in the world. RealVideo clips of the curing process

Take a look at this beautiful fishing vilage on the breathtaking Northumberland coast

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