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The World Famous Craster Kipper

Everyone has heard of them. L. Robson & Sons Ltd. have been curing kippers since their original smokehouse was built in 1865. Today's kippers may be produced using slightly more 'state-of-the-art' equipment, but the taste and the quality remain unsurpassed.

Today, Robsons stay faithful to the traditional oak smoking methods which have made their reputation. If you want the real, traditional taste of kippers - prepared and cured in the authentic style, it has to be Robson's of Craster's famous Craster kippers.

Kippers from CrasterWhy are they the best? It's because Robson's take pride in every step of the process. From the selection of the freshest, plumpest herring - caught in local waters in season - to the careful soaking in a brine solution, and finally the slow curing over smouldering fires of whitewood shavings and oak sawdust for up to 16 hours. No colourings. No flavourings. No artificial ingredients of any kind. Just the finest, tastiest, juciest Craster kippers.

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